I have an Epiphone and its les paul style. it just says epiphone on the head stock and the trust rod cover says gibson . The back of the headstock says "100% Inspected & Set-Up In the USA by E 18" The serial number is MC23050859. Any ideas on what this exactly is and when it was made?
It looks like an old epiphone les paul. Those had "gibson" on the trussrods. Pics would help.
well om the gutiar dater project it says made in korea or china or something and it says it was made in 1923 but the factory was made 10 years ago
From the pictuers, it looks like a Les Paul Studio/Special of some sort.
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It does look like a Les Paul Studio, but with some differences that I can't place my finger on. Because of the flash it looks like there's only three knobs, haha. Confused me for a couple of seconds.
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probably a studio or special.

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This puppy has a bolt on neck! Unless I'm incorrect, the only EPi's in that category are the specials and LP100.
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Any ideas on these pickups because ive recently started playing on it and it doesnt have a very good sound to it. Any ideas on setups or something might be wrong with it?
The entry level Epi PUs are reportedly muddy sounding apparently meaning they emphasize the mid range without sufficient highs (or so I read on many occassions).
I wouldn't spend a couple of hundred on new PUs for it if it's an LP100 or special. It's just not worth it. However, some decent PUs can be had a STEWMAC for about 40-50 each whcih is half what you'd pay for higher end ones.
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