OK,so i can do pinch harmonic's pretty well, but i can't seem to get that zakk wylde sound out of it..does anyone know if there is anything special he does with it? or is it just the equipment he uses? or what

You need a Marshall MG.

It's crushing overdrive is Zakk's signature sound. Chorus works too.
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Also vibrato the **** out of it and add wah
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As far a I know he doesn't do anything particularly special with them.

I'm not too sure what exactly about the sound you're looking for, but he does use alot of wide vibrato- I think this is key to getting his whole guitar sound.
High action guitar is one thing that helps. And the p.h. I believe he picks the string and then hits the middle of the string with his knuckle. That's how I do em when I'm playing any BLS song. Or when I do anything on the 3rd fret of the 6th string with a pinch.
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Also vibrato the **** out of it and add wah


When most people do vibrato, the bend the string about 1/4 or 1/2 step. Zakk does a whole step or a whole and a half.
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