This is about the worst conversation I will ever (hopefully) have. C4C. Let me know if I owe anybody (I haven't been here for awhile, so I don't think I do).

Now You Know

I finally dropped the bomb on the table,
leaving gaping wounds in the kitchen walls.
The roof is gone, scattered over the yard
and not a single window survived.

How could they, when flesh, blood, and soul
are not enough to weather the blast,
when the ideal household of strong purity
is torn asunder like so many matches in flames?

Our foundation is shattered, crushed to dust,
and I've no idea how to mend it.
I sit in my chair, broken and charred by the fallout,
wondering what I could've done differently.

But I know. I know what I could've done,
and I know that I didn't do it.
Whether out of fear or shame or weakness,
I fashioned this destruction with my own two hands.

It was I that first gave birth to the creature
and carefully nursed it in the corners of my heart,
finally allowing it to take hold of me,
nailing me to my own floor, in my own grave.

How did I not see this coming?
I did, and I put a stop to it.
I put a stop to it after every single time,
and yet somehow it would take me again.

I fashioned this bomb with my own two hands,
I brought you into this pit, my abode,
and I blew our lives apart with a truth.
"Now you know what it means to love me..."
At times it feels a little talky, but maybe that's how you wanted it! I liked it a lot, it was cool! i enjoyed the metaphors/similes and such. It's pretty dark, too. If this is meant to be a song i'd love to hear it, if you ever recorded it! Very nice work.
I have one coming up soon, you can crit that if you like. no big deal if you don't want to though.
So... what? Did you tell her you're a vampire?

I liked it. It was good. I read through it the first time and didn't get it because I misread the tone on the last line. But when I realized how stupid I was, I reread it and saw what I think I was supposed to; that there's something you've done that's horrible. Or you are something horrible. The piece isn't specific enough for me to understand exactly what you did, which is good, but I like it a lot.

It's no Doppelganger Rose

When did it go from being a bomb to a creature ?
Also, maybe I'm just tired, but I can't for the life of me tell if all this "destruction" actually took place or not.
At some points, it seems very concrete and real, then at others it seems completely imaginary. If this was your intent, i must confess that it more confused me than mystified me.

Another seemingly intentional bite at this is that it doesn't really resolve. In fact, at the end it feels like nothing at all has happened. I get the idea, you were having a conversation, you let something out and hoped for the best, but you didn't get the best. But I think the words flowed better than they expressed.
The bomb was sort of supposed to be the "explosive truth", while the creature was sort of the dark act(s) behind it. The destruction sort of has and hasn't happened. The actual physical house doesn't explode, but for all intents and purposes, the "home" has. And no, I guess it doesn't really resolve in the end... But in reality this sort of thing doesn't really resolve neatly, so it doesn't bother me too much.