Is there anything I should know to construct a medley? I need to make a 3-4 minute medley for my school's talent show, and I have no idea how to start other than moving from 1 song to another.
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I'd say print out the sheet music for each piece. Then cut out the main bits you like. Arrange them in a pleasing way.

Remember you don't need to put in the whole of each song. Just put in the bits that everybody knows. The bits that are most interesting and catchy. You will also find that a lot of songs have transitions within themselves. Between chorus and verse etc.

Beatles song Yesterday:

Where I've labeled transition, they have used a run to get from one chord to another smoothly.

Try to transition the melodies as smoothly as possible. No more than a third apart would be good. A semitone ideal. Although, of course you could use a run like above.

The keys do not necessarily need to by similar or the same. Just try and move between each one with as little movement as possible.
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You can always change the key of a song if you want. Make sure the chord progressions create smooth resolutions and transitions between songs.