i recently bought the line 6 lowdown 15 watt as a practice amp,what are peoples oppinions on them? if you have any lol
great practice amp in my opinion, not the greatest sounds but for a 15 watter its a nice deal
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atm im liking the effects i can get from it that i couldnt get from my old amp lol and seeing as it only cost £90, i personally think it was a good buy overall.
good that you like it, but why ask after you bought it?

I have a friend who's got the 300w (?) version, and he enjoys it a lot too, hasn't had any problems with it.
well i liked it before i bought it. but i just wanted to see what other peoples oppinions of it were (plus i still have the box + receipt so if there were any terrible 'reviews' for it ... lol)
its fine for practice, effects are always fun to mess around with. As far as the bigger half of the lowdown series, I'm personally not a fan atall though. The combo's are very underpowered and the heads are a muddy mess.
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