set up a system in where the sound on a guitar/bass/electric violin comes out of the amp 3 or more seconds after it's played?

I assume through a delay and such. I have only owned one digital delay (Boss) but I don't recall I happening to do it then. It broke shortly afterward, so I may just not have exhausted all the possibilities.
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If you mean continuously 3 seconds after... then I don't think delay will help your cause much
maybe a looper and some clever foot work?

also, may i ask why?
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Get a really, really long patch chord. It would have to be several km long, and I can't be bothered to figure out exactly how many.
you need a delay pedal capable of really long delay times and with the ability to adjust the amount of dry signal coming through (a stereo delay pedal might have seperate dry/wet outputs depending on what it can do)