Well, this is rather different then what I usually write. (Symphonic Death Metal/Classical Symphonies)
And I thought I might share.
Comment if you wish, and I'll C4C,

Yea........... someone knows how to phrase a solo.

yea i mean at first i thought it might just be a bunch of chords but everything was nicely phrased. only complaint is someitmes it felt like too much was going on
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Beginning was beautiful. I really liked it. However, once everything started coming in at the pre-chorus, everything sounded meshed together. There was too much going on. I'm a big fan of and use a full sound myself, but there is such thing as too much sound, and that's what's going on. Then the big sound goes away at the chorus. Usually the chorus has the big sound, not the pre-chorus. Not to say that it isn't beautiful, it is. Just either quiet down or trash some of the instruments at the pre-chorus. It just doesn't sound right or good. The vocal line is very good, I liked it. Okay, that rhode piano needs to go, it doesn't sound very beautiful at 16 volume. Tune it way down or get rid of it. I didn't so much like the transition into the guitar solo, but that's just me. Outro was good, but the ending with the harmonics on the acoustic didn't sound right to me. But again, just me, if it sounds good to you, by all means, keep it! It's a very good piece, don't get the impression I don't like it, I do very much. I'm trying to be as helpful as possible because I like it so much lol. If you ever record it, let me know, I'd love to hear it! Btw, do you have lyrics? It would be interesting to see the lyrics to this. Well done!

C4C one of the two, doesn't matter.
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I felt the solos had a bit too much Doh, and it might have been better off using a different cadence in some places.