Wow that is sleek and sexy.
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Flamed looks better on natural wood/light colors imo. Leave the quilt for deep dark colors :P
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Those cutaways/carve + that quilt = sex.
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Dude shes sexy as hell!!!!!!! Bad bookmatching or not, thats one sexy guitar

It's not bad, it's unique.

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damn, thats a beautiful guitar. I think it would look sexier with a maple fretboard.

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Someone spray that guitar a trans white and show me pics plz? Thanks!
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It's not bad, it's unique.

I think its beautiful, he just said he thought it was bad book matching. I meant no harm with that comment as i want that guitar really bad now!
Looks nice, I'm not crazy about the light tan color, though. Most quilt tops go for the typical blue and red colors, so it's different there. I would like to see a nice lime green in the quilt paint job on a guitar.
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They should've given it a maple fretboard too.

*Thinks* that'd be epic

anyway If that is yours I will have to destroy you TS
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Don't really like natrual quilt. Color is what sets off quilting
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