Hey, I am planning to make a custom Flying V guitar and I was wondering what humbucker pickups would be the best for rock music, preferably under £100. I was looking at Bare knuckle pickups, are they as good as they are made out to be?
I was also wandering where the best place to get accessories such as pickup frames, control knobs and pick guards?
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guitarfetish.com, stewmac.com, allparts, worldmusic supply just to list a few.
Unless you plan on only using 1 pickup then as far as i can be assed remembering you will only be able to purchase a single humbucker for your budget. With regards to hardware and **** I generally rely on two sources stew-mac and guitarspartsdepot though warmoth can be useful at times as well.
Dimarzio and a GFS Power Rail??

EDIT: Try the pickup picker on Dimarzio's site for an idea in what tones you want for you styles of music
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£100 each or £100 altogether?

Anyway, rock music is an extremely broad term. What are you after? Instrumental shred rock? Hair metal? Thrash? Fusion? Classic rock?
More importantly, how do you want your frequency responses to be? Bass, mids, treble, etc. Other things to consider are harmonic response, output, clarity, coil-tapped sound, etc.

If you can give us more detailed description of your tonal requirements then we can give you a much better reccomendation.

And, Stewmac and Allparts are good.

If I was going to recommend one rock focused do-it-all, average price humbucker combo it'd be the Duncan Custom 5 and the DiMarzio PAF Joe, but as I've said ideally you want to describe in more detail what you want your guitar to sound like (we'll have to know what woods too, etc).