I am fixing up an ibanez 7 string and i need a few parts one of which is on the trem.
Does anyone what the spring on the trem are called. i am missing one and need to buy a new one.


Here is a link to the a picture of it.

Any help would be appreciated.

And another thing... it doesnt have the frets on it and i was wondering if there a type of glue that would be good to put them back on?
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You can safely replace them with any spring of roughly the same strength, like a spring from inside a "clicky" ball point pen for instance.

My Ibanez RGR has the 6 string version of that bridge and the only reason they are there is to apply a small amount of pressure to make sure the saddles are as stable as possible.

EDIT: Also, what do you mean it doesn't have any of the frets on it? As in the metal fret wire is missing from the fretboard completely?
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have you ever installed frets before? its not as easy as it looks, to do it right. sure popping them in, but true leveling is kind of an art imo.