Hello this is my first post!

I've got an Ibanez Apex 2 7-string and I want to swap out the bridge PAF-7 for something more heavier/ metally. I always liked the distortion sounds Limp Bizkit had on the Chocolate Starfish album and wouldn't mind something similar to that.

Anyone got any ideas?
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What's your budget?

I'm similarly thinking of swapping out the pickups in my Apex. They lack punch and energy, though they have enough clarity and balance.
Don't go with the Invader, seriously horrible pickup.

The dimarzios are a good choice although the Paf 7 is not as high output as you'd expect, i think Korn uses them though.

Check out the Dimarzio Dactivator 7's too if you want to go the higher output way
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If you want the Limp Bizkit sound you basically need any guitar into a Mesa Dual Recto. Pickups might help at some level but will only get you a small step towards the sound.

I will agree with replacing the Paf7 in the bridge. I had the same issue with my RG a pair of paf pros. I replaced my bridge with a TZ and am liking the results so far.
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Don't go with the Invader, seriously horrible pickup.
That depends on the wood of the guitar.

If the Invader is in alder, it will sound great. If it's in mahogany, it will sound muddy.
What do you have for an amp?


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What do you have for an amp?


an amp will affect most of your tone
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Thanks for all the replies - I do like the PAF-7s but my old BC Rich Bich used to have this nasty grind that I can't recreate. I am basically a bedroom recordist, no amps just Line 6 amp sims.

You can get a really cool heavy sound as long as you layer up multiple tracks (I have two distorted tracks and two clean and they come together pretty nice - I'll stick a link to the types of sounds I'm getting over the next couple of days).
flame away if you must but an invader in basswood will skin puppies at 30 paces. It doesn't have the voice to solo like some others but on chords it is clear and crun-chee. none of all this mud UGer's speak of imo. haven't tried it in other woods though.
That depends on the wood of the guitar.

If the Invader is in alder, it will sound great. If it's in mahogany, it will sound muddy.
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I was thinking Korn must get their heavy sound more through amps + effects and so the low output nature of the PAF-7s don't matter? They've been using these pick ups for years haven't they, I noticed they are in the old K7s as well

Should I concentrate more on the FX side of things instead of ripping out the pickups
No, you need an amp. A high end tube amp like a dual recto.
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No, you need an amp. A high end tube amp like a dual recto.
Not necessarily something as high-spec as that. And I don't even know what amp he has...
With Line 6 amp models I don't think a new pickup will make the difference you want. I can't remember all the names right now but do you have the Line 6 metal pack? Have you searched their site for user programmed models?
Bob you've hit the nail on the head - I have Line 6's Gearbox gold and there's a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Sim on it :

This should be worth a shot