I'm bidding on a Blackstar HT-Dual on Ebay right now but it doesn't come with a power adapter. If I get outbid, which I kind of hope I do at this point, I'm bidding on one that does have the adapter but if I win this one, I'm stuck having to buy my own wall wart for the pedal. I have a 1 Spot 9v daisy chain that I know will not work with this pedal because it takes a higher voltage. I am wondering is the 1 spot 12v would effectively power it, even though it advertises itself as a wireless microphone adapter.

Also, does anyone have any experience with this pedal? All of the reviews seem unanimously good so I went ahead and bought it because I need an overdrive unit.
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I just looked at the manual for those online and it says they're 16V @ 0.8 amps - so I don't think the 12V will work.

If you can't order one you could do like I often do - go to Goodwill and find an adapter with the correct voltage rating and sufficient amperage rating and wire up a compatible tip, paying attention to the correct polarities.