I bought my neck from someone on Craigslist, and it appears to be used. I was wondering, does it need a new nut? It looks kind of iffy, so I'll see what you guys think:

Sorry the picture isn't very great quality, I took it with my phone.
blurry pic is blurry.

have you strung it up yet?

string it up. tune it, then depress the 3rd fret adn see if there is a gap between hte 1st fret adn the string.

if there there is a gap on every string, then you should be fine, if not, then you need to either replace or shim it.
^^ Thats ok to use to see if it is at a good height, but the nut could also need to be replaced if the quality sucks since it wont help your tuning stability. I say string it up and see how it plays, that'll help determine if you need to replace the nut.
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Well here are some slightly better pics. I'll try to upload some more with my actual camera later

As you can see, I can't really string it up...

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It looks to me like its a cheap plastic doobie thats covered in string rust.

Doobie? lol

Man I would replace that nut because it only costs like $10 and the only thing it can do is improve your situation. No downside.
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knock the old ne out with a screwdriver and a hammer.

you can get nuts at any guitarshop or stewmac etc. to install, just stick it in there, check the hieght, take out, glue, insert again.

What type of glue though?
Some people prefer to use wood glue as it is easier to remove it later on. Some people prefer a little dab of super glue but then you run the chance of damaging the nut/guitar when removing it.
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