Police arrest 90 after clashes at rightwing rally

English Defence League demonstration descends into pitched battles between white protesters and Asian youths in Birmingham

Police made 90 arrests after violent clashes between white protesters against Islamic extremism and Asian youths in Birmingham yesterday afternoon.

For the second month running, the city centre became a battleground as a planned protest by the English Defence League descended into pitched battles. Despite heavy policing and calls on the EDL's website for a peaceful protest to ensure "a great day out", bricks and bottles were thrown across New Street as police struggled to contain clashes between groups of 20 to 30 men.

West Midlands police estimated that about 200 people were involved in the trouble when hooded and balaclava-clad Asian youths confronted groups of mostly white men who had been drinking and were chanting anti-Muslim slogans. Anti-fascist protesters were also involved.


Just saw this on the news, the EDL and Muslims clashing.. Stuff likes this makes me sad, why can't they get along? Not all muslims are terrorists, only a select few.. Of course I'm not just blaming the EDL, if they were proper Muslims they shouldn't have been fighting back anyway... The chants were disgusting as well it seems..