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Just curious as to whether most UGers are in a band or not. I'm not. Wish I was though, but no chance of that happening . Are you?
I'm more of a solo artist, but I guess since I perform live, it counts.
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No, but I'm trying to get people to start a band. All I need is a singer and a bassist.
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Just curious as to whether most UGers are in a band or not. I'm not. Wish I was though, but no chance of that happening . Are you?

Just do the one-man band thing. That's what myself and a lot of people do.
Not a proper band.

Three (or four or five) of us go to my mate's shed and make what is best described as 'noise'.

It involves lots of lovely noise and pedal ballet though, so tis all good.

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Can't keep a band going =/
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This might be interesting...

I'm not btw.


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i stand in as bassist when needed and play some synth on bass using various assortments of my friends pedals. doesn't sound like a synth much but its good fun. 'tis good. soon however, the bassist will be taking over as lead guitarist, the singer will be drumming aswell as the current lead guitarist and drummer are leaving for uni.
i am, but we seem to differ in our musical tastes.... which kind of sucks. has anyone else had that problem?
Until about 6 months ago I was in a fairly decent band, we did mostly weddings and sometimes some other gigs, like we did one for charity. I think I played about 10 gigs in that band, the band still exists (its already like 20 years old, I was the youngest in the band) and they're going on. I quit the band because I wanted to develop my own skills as a singer and wanted to make my own music. Singing is coming along pretty nice.

There were a couple hindrances in the band though, like a pretty crappy female back-up vocalist and a keyboard-player who just had no feel for the music. He practiced a lot but he just didnt have the feeling for it.
I'm in a punk band but we aint done anything in ages so me and a buddy are starting a sleaze punk band influenced by the likes of motley crue, ratt, hardcore superstar, murderdolls kinda bands.
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Not anymore.
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I'm doing my solo ****, I have a live band for that.

I've also just formed a Fusion band with me on piano, and I'm joining an Indie band at University.
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i am, but we seem to differ in our musical tastes.... which kind of sucks. has anyone else had that problem?
Haha, yes, quite a bit. I play blues and reggae and was in a band with a metal drummer, a hardcore punk guitarist and a singer who claims he listens to punk music.
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i am, but we seem to differ in our musical tastes.... which kind of sucks. has anyone else had that problem?

I used to have that problem. I wanted to play music and they wanted to play thrash.
Err... Sort of. The drummer hates me so he's pretty much out of the band (though no one's ever made it official) leaving just me and the singer, since we never had a full-time bassist. The two of us still do stuff occasionally using a drum machine - mostly covers, but we've written a couple of new songs - but we don't really perform live

The whole story's too long to post, but to be honest I'm not sure if we ever counted as a real band in the first place
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Yes , But getting annoyed with my lazy bassist
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I have been for the past 2 years of my life, but currently I am not. However, on Friday I audition for a jazz band.
Yes I am, and if you don't believe me then check out the links in my sig.
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I'm in 2. I would be in 3, but one went on "hiatus" after one practice. I've also been in a bunch of 1 time things for school events, etc.

God I love being bassist.
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I was the 69th person to vote yes

Serious response: Yes, lead guitarist and singer. Just played our first public gig Friday night.
I'm in the same band now that I've been in for about 5 years now.
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