Hello UG

if any of you can remember my marshall mishaps, involving a broken supervibe chorus and it being replaced with a regenerator modulation. aka, sad-new-pedal-day

but afdter some time thinking, and a trip to my local guitar shop, Charlie Chandler's Guitar Experience, i decided to trade it in, along with a Digitech Bad Monkey and RP200 i no longer use, and threw in a bit of money, and got me one of these babies!

Carl Martin Classic Chorus

i tried it and tried it again, and just had to do it
it is so damn sexy, and i am no longer craving moar warmth
it got lots of versatility, as you can choose between chorus and vibrato, and a nice range of speed and ndepth, and blending of the two effects. and another nice feature is the level, i can use to boost the signal, and this is useful for finger picking to make it a bit more heard, and ive found other choruses to quet, and unable to get the blend between being heard and having an over powering chorus.

finally, my GAS has subsided... for now...

edit: im not on my computer now as it is being fixed, so i cant put up my own photo
looks nice and retro , i like it HNPD!
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cool pedal

HNPD, man!
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