Just 2 days ago i received a free PRS SE Custom 24, and i just have a few questions. First off, i removed the back plate to have a look at it, and there are 4 springs already in there, but an empty spot in the middle. It DID come with a little baggy with a whammy bar, a spring, and a few other items.

I was just wondering what the other tools do, and whether or not i need to put the extra spring in.

Also, if i play the note and just put pressure on the bridge, without the whammy bar, the note fluctuates...is there any way i can help for this NOT to happen?

EDIT: Sorry for the huge pictures :/
If you are interested, and are up to it, please PM me for more info on the song.
Yes, it's just one song in particular, theres no shredding or fast solos.
It is a mellow, instrumental, clean, song.
Well thats how i set up the springs in my guitars.....And if you don't want that bending don't touch the bridge.
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I have a question for you...why no NGD? It should be a UG rule i think.

Anyways, the extra spring is for if you want a stiffer tremelo.
No it will not help with the note problem because the weight from your hand is lessening the tension on the springs causing the note to slightly rise in pitch. It shouldnt be THAT delicate though, i'd imagine you can rest your hand on it in terms of real playing without the notes getting messed up.
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an extra spring would help with that bridge problem...maybe. Not sure.
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Also, if i play the note and just put pressure on the bridge, without the whammy bar, the note fluctuates...is there any way i can help for this NOT to happen?

yeah, don't press on the bridge....

or get a tremol-no and set it to hardtail or only dive mode.

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If you are putting pressure on the bridge you are anchoring, you should really stop this before you develop carpal tunnel.
The allan key is used for saddle adjustments, the other thing i cant remember.
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could the note be fluctuating purely because your hand is touching the bridge and possibly the strings acting like a whammy bar??
From left to right; spare tremolo spring, whammy/tremolo bar, truss rod wrench, allan key to set action.
My strat does the same thing if i push on the bridge, the simple solution is to not do it.
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the notes should not bend in pitch when having your hand on the bridge, i do some really heavy playing and i put a good amount of pressure on my bridge when i palm mute and it never hear it bend in pitch, in fact i cant even move the tremolo without the bar in place but i never use the wammy bar so i never noticed this issue otherwise.

you can get it setup by a pro and it may help the problem it may not i would need to see this guitar in person to see why it does that, my PSR SE Custom never falls out of tune even if its in its case for weeks or played heavily for days so its more than likely a setup will cure these issues.
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