ive got my gcse solo peice coming up and I really have no idea what to do!!

Can i have some sensible suggests for something that is not to hard but not to easy and that shows some skill and I am an intermediate layer and can slap and pop and improvise.

I like classic rock, metalcore, thrash, hard rock etc

Suggestions please as this would be much appreciated.
Take a look at some Chili Peppers stuff
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Hump de bump- red hot chili peppers, Great song and lives a lot of room for improvising
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I did Anesthesia for one of mine, Chilli Peppers: All around the world for my mock. Final performance i did Nivram by the shadows.

Anesthesia is quite a good one to do
Don't go for something insanely difficult. You only need Grade 4 standard for GCSE. Difficulty for some reason goes on length of track, you'll also up it for tempo too and if theirs a bass solo of some description. Literally get a Grade 5 Rockschool piece play it perfectly and you'll pass.

I did guitar for my GCSE last year, Joe Satriani's crying, a Grade 8 standard and came out with an A*. As the Americans say, Go Figure.
Can you remind me how long the practical has too last cause i forget since i'm now in my A2 year?.

I think Anaesthesia (Pulling Teeth) would be a great song choice cause when i played i had to talk after and the stuff you could say about the piece will sound great.

"The piece i played is called Anaesthesia (Pulling Teeth) which was a bass solo written by Cliff Burton who was regarded as one of the best heavy metal bassists of the time in the band Metallica and still is. The piece itself shows the use of innovative ideas such as using effects like distortion and wah-wah pedals which are primarily considered electric guitar effects. This helped to give a distinctive "lead bass" style of playing rather than the conventional idea of playing simple rhythms. The piece also incorporates tapping (maybe show an example if you brought your guitar when you went to talk) which is a technique used by stringed instruments to extend the range of playing. The melody is based on triad arpeggios and changes the time signature a few times including 4/4, 3/4 and 5/8........kk now i'm bored so finish yourself