Hey guys,

Im currently on the look out for a midi controller, and the one which appears to have the most features/rated most highly by people appears to be the Line 6 KB37.

It would also allow me to give my recording setup a major overhaul, i currently use an M-audio Fast Track for recording direct injection guitars, and into a behringer phantom power supply for condensor mics. Am i right in thinking the KB37 could replace both of these?, as it has two xlr inputs and phantom power included.

The thing (sort of) putting me off is the price, i cant decide if it is worth shelling out that much, and i wouldnt want to spend that much without considering the alternatives. But i cant find any at the moment which can double up as an Audio interface and Midi Controller, unless im not looking hard enough, or are most midi controllers audio interfaces? im not sure.

Thanks for any help
The KB37 has no MIDI out, watch that. Also there is only 1 guitar in and 2 mic ins. But otherwise it looks great :thumbsup:
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One thing though (nooby question) - Why do i need a midi out?
Sorry about that.

Thanks for any help