The Banker's in Love with Me

The banker's in love with me
she keeps giving me money
and i keep giving it back.
But every time i do she just give me another sack.
Another sack, sacked with more cash,
more cash the before.
I bring back and leave by the bank's back door.

The banker's in love with me
and she keeps giving me more
money. More in every sack.
more in every pack.
So now i spend the money,
i do not spend it all,
i give some back and buy her thrifts
with which she is enthralled.
I buy her gifts from shops she shops in
she always tells me which ones she likes.
Sometimes i'll give the money back still,
but only half or less.
She is so persistent, how could i do the right thing?

The banker's in love with me
and she's giving me even more.
The more she begins to adore
me the more money she gives me.
Now i spend it all, i spend it all.
I go on sprees and pack the car with all these things i need.
i got a haircut and a suit.
i got sheets, a bar, and china.
I got a television set and a desk from carolina.

The banker's in love with me.
She cashes all my checks.
I've never said more than five words to her,
and i've seen little below her neck.
The cash is piling up and i bought a brand new car.
I bought a house in forsyth county and
a montana ranch, and a cuban cigar.
Now i've got 6 horses,
a maid and a doorman,
investments and insurance,
and a stock purchase plan.

The banker's in love with me.
I think she's 33, or 23, or somewhere in between.
She's got a real wry smile
and her future seems so bleak.
She keeps a couple pictures for herself,
and all the contacts are on her phone.
I've never seen her leave the desk
though she chats with the package man.
She answers the phone a sweet "hello",
but her cell, she lets it ring.

The banker's in love with me
and she forwards me the cash.
No matter where i am.
She refills my cards and calls me up
now we do business on the phone.
I never give a cent back
I keep it all at home.
I buy her fancy things, even tickets to a game.
She always says "thats nice of you"
without any shame.

How could it be, oh how could it be?
Why is this banker in love with me?
The banker's in love with me,
I not with her.
Other people's cash
I keep under my strap,
but the bank does not buckle,
they print it all right there.
I sail the seas, and visit countries,
and meet with unknown men.
I fly first class
and see the poor though a looking glass.

The banker's in love with me.
the banker's in love with me.

She didn't answer the phone.
She didn't refill my card.
She didn't mail me cash.
She's stopped, why did it stop?
Blond-haired blue-eyed college girl sits behind the desk.
The banker who is in love with me,
to say it is quite grotesque,
but she's gone.
I get home to an unlocked door,
inside: 50 sacks.
But from then on,
no more, no more.

The banker's in love with me,
but where did she go?
The banker's in love with,
maybe she went home?
The banker who is in love with,
the one who gave me money,
she's gone and i don't know where to.
Why don't i know?
What happened?
I sit back in a chair,
a chair bought and paid for.
And i watch the bloody sunset set,
through an open sliding door.
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Quote by ChucklesMginty
Very very nice, I guess it needs a little polish just getting a few odd lines to flow. This is the kind of thing I love, it's not just random lists of emotions it's a proper story. Keep up the good work.

Thanks. I appreciate the love for the story. and yeah a few rough lines to fit.
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