This is the my latest song, and I have no idea what genre it's supposed to sound like. My best guess would be epic melancholic progressive melodic post-blackened death/doom or something, it's quite dissonant and depressed, but still, to my ears at least, beautiful. The mood doesn't stay in one place for the entire song though - there is quite a lot of mode changes involved.

If I should pinpoint what it sounds like, it would probably be somewhere between Projector-era Dark Tranquillity, Insomnium and Opeth... or something. It's my sound.

EDIT: I HIGHLY recommend you to listen to this with RSE turned on, but it's ok without as well.
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Intro is good, nice and relaxing. Sounds cool when the distortion kicks in. Good use of the recorder, don't hear that too often. I love the piano part after that, it just sounds cool in my opinion. Andas... was a good break and I liked how it went right back into the electric. Sounds very much like Opeth, and I like that very much. I can imagine some good growls in the heavy sections and some sweet singing in the softer. Guitar solo was alright, nothing too interesting, but it was good nonetheless. The chorus sounding section at 181 has a good chord progression. The solo starting at 229 was better than the first in my opinion. It sounded very good and well phrased. 245 was really cool too, sounded very Opethy. The transitions between breaks were good, but there just seemed to be too many breaks for my taste. The unique sounding bass sounded kickass at the end. I really liked it, but there wasn't really an ending note, so it just kinda stopped suddenly and ruined it. It was very good, I very much enjoyed it! 8.5/10

Thanks for the crit btw!
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Nice intro, maybe you should expand on it a little bit...
The guitars sound too loud, maybe that's because of midi and it's solved in RSE. Although the progression is kind of uncommon (at least to me), and does some melancholic indeed...
Hmm, the piano part was a bit too short, but it worded.
105 sound to abrupt as a transition, fade some instruments; and that next part is a little bit wierd, but anyways.
The guitar solo sounds more as a melodic interlude to me rather than a solo per se.
Also I found lots of dissonances that didn't seem to flow that well with the rest of the song (like at 173).
The next piano and guitar parts are very good, and so do the next melodies...
Maybe try to improve tha bass a little bit, but it is overall very good...

Maybe try critting a song from my sig? (last one if you can, or any one for that matter)
Hehe, thanks. The "abruptness" of the song is intended, so sorry if you guys don't like the deep artistery behind it, lol... Yeah, I agree that the bass figures are a bit unimaginative, but still most of the song is based on chord progressions and not riffs, so I feel that straight 8ths are "justified" a bit by that. But anyway, thanks for the crits and for the positive responses! I'll sure crit yours!
the intro to the song was very original and good the verse part i didnt like it was to many held out power chords and i didnt like all the chords u used but the solo was good it fint in nicely overall ill give it a 6/10 i like te synths and most the guitar parts in my opion i would changed the chorus part

please comment on my song
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i love this song!


And for once, I won't ask for an elaboration.
As one opeth/dark tranquility lover to the next, let me say,

I love this.

The acoustic parts are by far my favorite parts. i can hear the opeth influence there and also in your chord usage/progressions.

i can't really hear the dark tranquility influence. it mostly sounds like a slightly less despairing opeth tune. lol. Which is fine by me ^_^... Were you planning on having opeth style vocals? growling during distorted sections and clean vocals through the acoustic?

i have to say my least favorite part was 229-260. the soloing didn't sound like it fit. different melodies could make that part sound better.

197-204 you should have the guitar fade out, not just hold.

oh by the way, love your use of recprders and pads. they really added.

this was an amazing song. i think i'm gonna pull out my guitar and learn some of the acoustic parts ^_^ ...(if you don't mind...)

Thank you big time for that, fellow Opeth/Dark Tranquillity lover! And of course, learn it, spread it, why would I be against that?

And on the vocals part, I plan on having growled vocals over the main progression, and some cleans over the "tomhet" part (means emptiness in Swedish) at bar 105. Also, the dissonant chord progression after that part is supposed have some really menacing growls... the growls are gonna be low ones if I record the song, since I can only do the "old school gurgle".

It feels great to get positive replies to my music, thanks a lot guys. Oh, and on the ending solo, I want to trick the listener into believing that it will reach some kind of "grand finale" with all the crashing drums and "epic" soloing, and then it just kinda pulls the plug and goes next to silent again, with the guitar fading out and the synth bass taking over...
I like this. I dont love it or anything, but it's pretty good. Listening to it, more than anything, it sounds just like Swallow the Sun. Death/Doom of that kind. Slumber (swe) being another one. In fact, the start of the melody at 237 is almost exactly the same as one of the melodies in some StS song... I want to say Swallow, but I cant be sure. Its a good melody though.

The thing that I didnt like so much about the song, was the repetitive-ness. It's all pretty much plodding along and doesnt really go anywhere, which kind of brings it down a notch with me.
I like it! I think it is very good. Kinda sounds Doom/Death Metal influenced. I loved the part around 213. The piano before and that synth instrument, it just sent a chill down my spine.

Some places might need a better mixing though. Sometimes everything just drowns in the guitar and bass sound.
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Me like.

You've got a very good intro here, and a successful, dramatic feel to it all. I was afraid that the second verse was gonna plunge into the same orchestral hammering as the previous sections, making the song monotonous, but the variation was a welcome touch.

As for the guitar solo, it kinda drowns in the other instruments, but I guess that can be changed by simply altering the volume.

What's with the abrupt ending?

If you wanna, feel free to crit mine:
Thanks for the crit, the abrupt ending is pretty much just there to catch you of guard... and on the album, it's supposed to be followed by a very intense song.
Love the intro, sets up a great sort of melancholic mood. The distortion comes in perfectly, and I do love those chords you used. The keyboard stuff was great as well, nothing very complex, but still awesome.

The piano in andas was a nice little bridge. Verse 1 was a nice return to that riff, but I think you shouldn't have repeated that riff so soon in the song, maybe just bring it in after the guitar solo like you had it.

The chords in stick were pretty good again, I liked the semi happy feel you got from using that E7M chord in bar 89. The transfer to the tomhet was good, but I think it would've sounded even better if you had like a cymbal crash in bar 105 for the drums, and some strings would've been nice to give it a fuller sound.

Spanning was good, liked the dissonance you used in there and the transfer to verse 2 was nice. The guitar solo was decent but it could be much better in my opinion. The melodies you created were really good, but the phrasing was a just a little too boring for me. Try being a little more creative with the rhythm of the notes, and maybe throw in some fast runs here and there.

Return to main riff at bar 181 was good. Re-intro at bar 213 was excellent, but I would've liked to hear some strings behind the guitar instead of the recorder. Clean solo at bar 229, was good but once again I think you should phrase the notes better. You have good note
choices, now you just have to make them more interesting rhythmically. Distortion solo at bar 245 was good but I feel the same way about it too as with the other solos. Outro was good, but I think you should arpeggiate the chords instead of just strumming them.

Overall a pretty good song, really reminds me of dark tranquillity a lot haha. The main thing is just the phrasing. You have a lot of great melodies, I just feel that they should be phrased better. And sorry to say but the drums were really bland and boring as well as
the bass, but that's just bein a nitpicky ass

Anyways, keep up the good work man!
Thanks for the crit, man! The blandness of the drums are actually something that I did on purpose, I wanted the song (or at least the verses/main progression) to have a kind of "hammering" feel, like a huge wall of crash symbals and a constant bass drum. But yeah, variaton, maybe a fill or two, it wouldn't ruin the mood...

And since I might actually decide to make a recording of this song, I could work on the phrasing a lot there (it's very tedious to do in guitar pro)... I usually improvise A LOT when I'm playing solos, I don't think I've ever learned a solo the way it was on a tab, so I could probably spice it up quite a bit.