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For me it would by Pouring Reign by As Blood Runs Black. The Childsnatcher by Annotations of An Autopsy would be a runner-up.
All of the Optimus Prime split with Gone With the Pain. And I Would Set Myself on Fire For You. They have great instrumentals.
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stfu spaghetti asshole

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thats like... a really broad range... how can you like dragonforce AND beethoven Dx
7 angels 7 plagues - the afternoon
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R.I.P. Shaun Hand from Metal Sucks. He leaked this album and now Jake Bannon is going to crush his skull
Protest the Hero- Fortress (instrumental ver)

Youtube covers

Everything has changed - The Carrier
Imrpove - Welcome the plague year
DII - High on fire (k..not core at all...)
Darkest Hour - Veritas, Aequitas
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Not sure what is worse the fact they watched a bbc drama series or they downed ethenol
Oceano - Depths

An absolutely wonderful song from an otherwise horrific band.
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im more of a social godzilla than chameleon

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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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Hmm judging from your pic you'd fit in more with a fat busted tribute.
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The facless alkedama hands down


That song is amazing.
Today is yesterday's tomorrow.
Ashes of Faith by Adversary is technically impressive. Actually, if I'm going down that road, From So Far Away by All Shall Perish is probably one of the most technically astounding instrumentals by an artist who isn't an instrumental shredder. Although I'm kind of cheating because Rusty Cooley plays on it...
Regret Not by All That Remains
Pathos and Ethos by Darkest Hour
The Behemoth by The Acacia Strain
Pi by After the Burial
Greyson by All Shall Perish
8 Nights of Restlessness by Knives Exchanging Hands
My band, Escher
My progressive rock project, Mosaic

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clearly, the goal is to convert every thread into a discussion about BTBAM

Anything by Ryashon, theyre an instrumental band...
Or Introduction to Oblivion or Warriors of Cobra by Shockwave
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-Mike Tyson
laser speed - btbam
breathe in, breathe out - btbam
viridian - btbam
akeldama - faceless
Cette nuit j'ai rêvé que je mâchais ses yeux
Après avoir crevé par accès de furie
Ta replète panse d'helminthes blancs nourrie,
Trop prompte à déféquer le fruit d'un vit sanieux.
There Will Be No Violins When You Die - I Killed The Prom Queen
I Am Yours - Texas In July
Departed - As I Lay Dying
Inhale - Killswitch Engage

just a few off the top of my head, but theres way more out there
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Demon(s) is on Guitar Hero 5???????????

Sweet Zombie Jesus!
Great Odin's Beard!
Sweet Mexican Santa!

I have a reason to buy GH5 now...

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Jazz bass solo? YESSSSS.

The Crusade by Trivium

longing rusted furnace daybreak seventeen benign nine homecoming one freight car
All the faceless instrumentals are pretty awesome tbh

Planetary Duality I is pretty mean as well guys
Woot! New Zealand...
yeah, i've seen the same thread made atleast 3 or 4 times. and its always the same stuff
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yeah i remember when i had a good conscience. now i dont give a ****

smoke weed, drink 40's, **** titties
Spaim by Botch

Doubt anything else in this thread is that creative
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MIDI Magicalness!
The Behemoth or Halcyon by the Acacia Strain
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*Insert BTBAM instrumentals here*

Converge + Super Mario Theme :O?

It was back in their Beatles cover band days I believe
Jhazmyne's Lullaby if that counts.
Otherwise it'd be Elysium- Chelsea Grin
love is love // return to dust
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Spaim by Botch

Doubt anything else in this thread is that creative

I actually really dig that song.

Not exactly an instrumental, but very close - Remembrance Dialogue by The Number Twelve Looks Like You.
In Sincerity - For The Fallen Dreams

Like one line of singing at the end... but the instruments are so powerful in that song. Definite favorite imo.
That damn solo in Towering Flesh by Pig Destroyer.

Gets me every time. I mean it's not like a total instrumental or anything but that backing two chord progression and the drums accompany it surprisingly well so...
i know its not technical but
Green Monster by Suicide Silence
that guitar riff has gotten stuck in my head countless times
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