I have an ibanez rg2570e prestige... going to change the strings, but i think i put the nut on the highest 2 strings (B and E) on sideways; the screw is out, but i CANNOT get that little nut piece to move!

I've been told against wd40, and recommended vicegrips. I want this to play tomorrow at church (well, not technically but a student service at my university).

You know, maybe loosening and retightening is what caused my high e to break on a bend on the 17th fret... (yes, crazy train solo).

It broke on the bridge, though.
Be VERY careful with this so you don't stab yourself, but take a flat head screw driver and try to either get under it and pop it out, or push it out from the side.
ive tried pushing it from the side but ugh.

with this phillips head screwdriver, it wouldnt go.

then i tried the plastic peg winder... it jolted away and i nicked a couple fingers. Joy. :-P

But ill try the flathead, duh thank you

any more advice?

btw wont this excessive force bend/damage the nut?
The way its shaped, probably not? and the way its built, or...?
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Put a flathead into the screw hole, and pry like you've never pried before!
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