Well, I scored another sweet guitar on Ebay for only $80.00. Picked it up this afternoon. It's a Jay Turser JT-55C in Fireburst. I still need the trem arm for the Burns mark 8 set up and I need to string it but here are pics. This is a really pretty guitar. The pick up look odd because the plastic is still on them.

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Not bad for $80! HNGD
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Nice find. HNGD!
But I'm guessing it's a B-stock? The headstock has white spots.
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Thanks guys, the guitar is dusty I took it out of the box and just popped it in the stand for some quick pics. As soon as I set it up and clean it I'll post better pics I'll take out side without the flash. The pics really do not show the grain and colors very well.

I dont really like the color but Ilove the shape

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i love that color! when i first started playing i was in love with the Gibson SG with that finish. can't remember the model name now though. that thing is beautiful! and i like the bridge, too. thats a steal for $80!
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The color on these is what really attracted me to the guitar. I saw both a Gibson Les Paul and SG in Flameburst not too long ago but they were asking way too much for them.

I am still trying to get a replacement trem arm I found out Burns of London makes the Burns MK 8 trem so I emailed them as well as Jay Turser. I also found out the same company that owns Jay Turser also owns Hagstrom. Hopefully either JT or Burns will come thru this week. I can't wait to be able to play this.

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