Anyone have any pictures?

I did a search but it didnt bring up much, only requests for psychadelic images.

I also had a look through the guitar customisation thread (i think thats what its called?) to no avail.

Stuff like hendrix's monterey strat comes to mind:

Search army?, i've been googling and didnt find that.

Cheers for the suggestion though.

Hendrix's V, you could say Jimi Page's dragon tele, and I think I remember George Harrison had a guitar painted by the same guy that did The Fool SG.
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Just to mention, im not here to wind people up because i know you get speights of the same thread just repeated over and over.

I couldnt find a thread of this type with a search, and got what i could from google, so with this thread i'm trying ot expand what ive already found.

And Jim, thats lovely.
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dunno if this can be considered psychedelic. it's the pickguard for my strat which is the next project i have on my plate.