I'm not sure if this is the right section... but I'm looking for a guitar teacher that can teach music theory. I play mostly metal, but I am interested in Classical, Blues and Jazz. I am wanting to learn on an electric guitar. I've had some years of experience with playing guitar, but I play tabs, mostly self taught.

These are basically what I'm looking to learn...

Ability to play various seventh chord voicings
Ability to comp. in carious styles with appropriate sound
Ability to play blues and other standard song forms
Basic improvising ability within harmonic structures

All major and minor scales (two octaves)
Ability to read melodies and rhythms in simple time signatures
Ability to play different styles of music (i.e. rock, latin, funk, jazz)
Ability to read chord charts and master rhythm parts
Ability to play with consistent time-feel (with and with out a metronome)
Experience playing in small or large ensembles

Ear Training
Hearing and identifying diatonic scale members and intervals
Hearing basic chord qualities
Hearing and notating basic rhythms
Hearing and notating basic chord progressions

Music Theory
Notating all major and minor scales (bass and treble clefs)
Key signatures, time signatures (simple and compound)
Intervals, triads, and seventh chord construction
Basic harmonic analysis using both treble clef and grand staff

EDIT: I'm from Scarborough, Ontario
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