Hey, sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I wasn't really sure which one this should go in.

I've been playing guitar for a year now, and decided it's time to learn some theory, but I have no idea where to start! Please help!
Try this site (kinda stupid posting another website, but this one works).


EDIT: This is if you wanna start by learning sheet music. I'd also recommend getting a copy of Everything Music Theory if you know how to read music.
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Start with Freepower's bitesize theory videos on youtube and move o to "The Crusade" series of columns on UG. Make sure you understand each part before moving on to the next and by the time you get to the end you should know more than enough for most purposes.
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I would suggest a guitar teacher. I'm learning a lot of music have two guitar teachers, music class, choir and schoolband at school those are some suggestions if you're still in school.

also a good thing to learn is using your ear. My ear has improved and it's a good thing and a bad thing I just started and I listened to dream theater - blind faith and I randomly played the starting arpeggio in different tuning than John Petrucci and was pissed cause I thought that was my own so I can't use it.
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I think the best way for you to learn music theory is to actually go out, and buy a nice big book on music theory. Go to the music store and ask around for a good book on music theory.
Absolute first place to start - learn the notes on the fretboard.
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Just another question about music theory so I don't have to make my own topic.
When applying theory, as in having my guitar infront of me and figuring out the notes of a scale and fining them on the fretboard etc..., should I just memorise the notes in a scale, then playing it, ir should I play a note on the guitar, then think that I have to move it a cetain number of semitones then move it?
Is it better to memorise the notes (Although I understand how the notes are found) or do it the other way?
Also, is it better to learn a few scales in one key, or learn a scale in every key before moving on to the next?