I have a Line 6 Spider II amp head, that im trying to hook up to 2 EV speakers, i have it set up and when i plug in i can hear the speakers making a slight hissing sound(confirms its on) but it doesnt make any noise when i play

any suggestions
A very slight hiss is to be expected when an amp is on and nothing is being played. Louder hiss with more gain or volume.
How do you you have it set up?

Also, check all your connections, check the guitar, make sure you've turned the volume up on your guitar and the amp. If you're using pedal then bypass those and plug straight in. If your guitar has active pups check the battery. etc etc
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I have a Line 6 Spider II amp head

There's your problem...

Are you using speaker cables? Are they just speakers or is it in a cab? Does the impedance match? Is the head too powerful for the speakers?


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