well im planning to buy a pedal, but im just wondering if pedals have the cables included
I mean, I dont know much about pedals, but from what they explained me on the store, it's a middle point between the guitar and the amp, so I suppose that you must have it plugged to the guitar on one side, and on the other, on the amp
am I correct or it's only one plug?
Apesto en el ingles como tu apestas en español
You have to buy another cable. You run one cable from your guitar to the input of the pedal. Then one cable from the output of the cable to the amp
Its just gonna be a pedal. You would need short cables to go between each pedal. And how ever long you want for a cable from pedals to amp. You might also want to think about how your gonna power your pedal(s). The 9v batts can get expensive after a short period of time.