Which do you find is most versatile and produces the best and most realistic sound?
I currently use POD Farm and am considering maybe delvging into the world of Amplitube or Guitar Rig. I like using amp simulators to record as I simply cannot afford to buy and keep and mic up to record a JCM800 and put it through a Tubey and a MXR Phase 90 but then use a AC30 for cleans.

Which is your favourite?
Revalver and Pod Farm

i am not just saying that cause i work for peavey :3

also. free vsts are amazing too i work for another company called acmebargig we make ****ing epic plugins. you can read about their stuff and the best way to get sick uber tone fro free in the ultimatevst guide a bit lower in this forum
Revalver hauls serious ****ing ass. Only for peavey amps though, the rest are a bit wishy washy.

My favorite amp sim at current is amp designer. Came with logic 9 and sounds ****ing brilliant.
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The best, by far, are Revalver, Vintage Amp Room, and Waves GTR. However, the second two of those three use ridiculous iLok protection so I'd be recluctant to use them on principle. they're also very pricey. Amplitube isn't bad, but sounds a bit fake at times, and Guitar Rig is versatile and easy to use but sits badly in a mix. Overloud I found totally underwhelming.

Definitely look, as mentioned, into freeware VSTs. I use AcmeBarGig, Nick Crow and Poulin stuff on tracks frequently, and the Simulanalog Suite has an excellent JCM00. For cabs, I highly recommend Poulin's 'Le Cab' or KefIR with a pack called 'Axewizard Guitar Cab IR collection'.

There's a very quickly put-together test mix on my profile, where the guitar tracks were DI'd and then run through various freeware sims. It's a bit compressed and thin sounding, and the drummer is poor, but gives you some idea what sort of results to expect.
All sound very digital like and aren't too great in my opinion but I prefer Guitar Rig over the others due to how it's set up.. it makes it pretty easy to use and do stuff on.. some of the others seem more limited and you don't have a simple list of presets you can just click off to the side.. you kind of have to scroll through them or load them and whatnot.

Although I'd say Revalver probably sounds the best.. overall I prefer Guitar Rig.. it also has the best effects.
i've never liked line 6 sounds in any of their modelers that i've heard.

i'm a Guitar Rig 3 user myself. it doesn't sound real, but it beats anythings else out now that wasn't a real tube amp. although i've heard rumors that Logic's new thing is quite amazing.

cant say anything about amplitude though.
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never tried POD farm, but

Guitar rig >>> Amplitube

ABG's plugins >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Guitar Rig. (i legally own GR and liked it, until i realised how much better ABG, LePau and Nick Crow's plugins were).

They are versitale, they have heads for funk, classic rock, METAL, ... There's even one for jazz comming up when they release Head Case too.

Ok, now you probably wonder wtf is Head Case, it's a software that is similiar to Gutar Rig, but IManyO is better.

There is no release date and it may take months, but some of the heads are already released and more metal heads are comming up in some weeks.
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Can you post some mp3s dude,I' love to hear how it sounds before I purchase it

Yeah no worries. Don't have an electric at my house at the moment though so it might be a week or so.

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How do you guys get round the latency using these as VST plugins?

I don't have any noticeable latency with my system at all. What so ever.
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I don't ever get latency issues ever really. I used to but then I realised I was using the wrong driver to record instead of using my Toneport directly I was going through the line in in my computer where I hooked it up to so it would come through my monitors, therefore havening to turn the guitar down a load so it didn't peak. Then I realised using the ASIO Toneport as the driver means you can hear it and it won't ever peak