Hey guys. So what i have is probably the most complete recording i've done that features more than one instrument. The song is called One Man, is in my profile, and i wrote it around two years ago and thought i lost the file but thankfully recovered it. It was an eye-opening experience for me because i've never written a song where i play all the instruments in addition to mixing, too. The drumming was possibly the hardest part for me--when i play, it's easier if im the metronome. I still struggle to play to a pre-determined beat, so it's off key a bit. The bass also sucks ass because it was a quick one-take.

Anyways, let me know what you think of it, and i'm open to doing C4C. Have a listen, leave a comment, and i'll do your song too!
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overall, i really like your ideas, the lead tone is very nice, and the variety keeps it from getting boring. the change at the 219 mark was too abrupt for me though. i think this point needs a smoother transition to really work, but i like the idea of making a change to keep the listener guessing. again, good job on the lead tone, and the solo after the change is beautiful, along with the odd timing near the end. very original.
I think the transitions need work. Also, I would give the bass more mids and maybe put it higher in the mix. 2:33 has it about right, I don't know if the bass just didn't come in until then, but that was a nice level.

3:00ish was badass. :P But again, I think there should be an easier transition into it. Other than that, the drums were alright, guitar was pretty cool, and the bass is hard to hear for the most part. Haha.

Good job on this, though! I know future recordings will keep improving in mixing and recording.
I like your ideas, but as the other guys point out, transitions need to be a bit smoother. The drumming is off in areas, so it gets really choppy at those points.

Overall, could be a very good song, just needs to be recorded better.

By the way, I really like "To see you again".

I enjoyed it a lot!

Crit mine?


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Hey, I really like the beginning of the song, it's really laid back and it's a nice riff to just chill too. I felt, like some of the guys above said, that the transitions were pretty abrubt and it felt like they were just thrown together quickly. Besides that I thought it was a good track. Keep up the good work