i dont play bass that much. i play guitar. im a guitarist. but i own a bass and i want it to do more than collect dust so now i am playing like an hour of bass most days. how often should i change the strings?
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mine usually last me half a school year. so like 4 months i change them? something like that. yeh so id say prolly 4 or 5 months unless you get elixrs haha i had some on there for a year.
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Depends on the strings and your preference; with my D'Addario's, I've gone 8 months and still had a good tone.
if you're not gigging or playing that much, 4-6 months. Unless you get really cheap strings
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James Jamerson-(the Motown bassist) has never changed his strings, because they had that great thuddy Motown Sound, and he had been gigging for well over 20 years with those strings.

So, really it all depends on the style of music you are playing. There is no true correct answer.
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I like to play hard rock and metal, so the fresh roundwound string sound is EXTREMELY important for my sound as a whole! I buy a new set every 2 months and in the 2 months I clean the strings 3-4 times in denatured alcohol for 12-24 hours. After that the intonation kinda goes south =P

Btw, I play on DR Hi-Beams strings, I had them recommended to me after I was dissapointed over a set of Rotosound that died after only a week's usage on me. The Hi-Beams are really great, bright and has a good thick sound to them!
If they break, change them.
Otherwise carry on with the strings you have until you don't like the sound and/or feel of them anymore.

It's a subjective thing really.
Personally I love the way new strings sound and feel, others prefer old strings.
My girlfriend, for example, had the same set of strings on her bass for nearly 8 years and never broke one. She just likes old strings.
Ideally i would like to change my strings everymonth, but i cant.
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This is pretty musch an unanswerable question. How long is a piece of string?

If you like a bright tone, Change them as much as you can afford.

If you like a dead tone, don't.

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On my bass with round wounds, about every six months.

On my bass with flat wounds, I think I have changed them twice ..... and I got that bass in 1973.

So the answer probably is whenever you think you should.
As often as you like. Personally I like the sound of fresh rotos so I change them every month roughly, but notably Motown bassist James Jamerson never changed his strings and his tone is phenomenal.
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I change my strings like once a month, maybe more, because i go for this ultra bright clangy sound, and I also play shows actively
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If you wash hands and such to minimize body oils on the strings you could easily get away with 6months. Also, if you sweat while you play it'd be smart to put something on your wrist to soak it up before it gets to your hands. Also, wipe down the strings with a clean cloth after you play.
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I like little bit older strings cuz when they arent so damn hard to play you get nice clank sound I like clankkk
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