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So of course everyone is familiar with the overrated omgomgomg Canon Rock thing.. but there's also this one arrangement people refer to as Canon Metal.

here's a link to a pretty good version:

(oh. by the way. when that japanese name in the title is translated it comes out as "Transmigration Hell".)

now of course that link isn't the original.. I've never heard the original nor can I find it but it was created by a guy called Shinichi Kobayashi.

So apparently this Canon Metal arrangement comes from something called like, Mechanical Training of Hell.. or something.. which are some books this Shinichi guy does as like lessons or something.. and the song itself was like a sort of practice type training song for the general techniques used in it..

Now the book came with a CD that had both a version of him playing it I believe.. and a backing track of it.. and the tabs were in the book.

I was able to eventually find this:

That's the book.. and it comes with the CD or DVD or whatever..

But you see.. that site is all in japanese and stuff.. I mean I can translate it with the google thing.. but still.. seems a pain to buy since I live in america..

So basically what I'm asking is.. does anyone know where any tabs are or the backing track.. or even the original song is at? because I'd like to hear it played the original way..

Just, this song is kind of a mystery to me so if anyone wants to help clear up some stuff or help me find some more relating it.. or already knows.. then thanks alot =)
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