better than my Ibanez SAS36FM. The one I got for free is an Ibanez GRX or something, it's not very nice. Feels a little bit like plastic, that's what basswood guitars feel like to me haha. I think it's basswood anyway. Well the cheap one feels much nicer to play, it seems the action is a little higher than the SAS36FM, could this be the problem? I get a bit of fret buzz on the SAS36FM and if I play the same thing on the low quality guitar I don't get any unless I make a mistake... Haven't played in a while and I'm trying to get playing again so yeah.
well, i played on a cheap guitar for sometime, then i bought a jackson RR1 , as the guitars are so different at first it felt a bit weird for me to play on the RR1 and i liked to play on the cheap one, now that i always play on the RR1 when i go to the cheap one i see the crap it is ,
maybe it's your case .
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Higher price tag doesn't necessarily equal a better guitar, man.

Your S could have loads of things wrong with it, though. Get it set up by someone who can do a good job.
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I think you should get the SAS set up and then report back to us. I think youll notice a world of difference