Just wondering.
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I would have to say the one they are having for labor day? This week I bought an Ibanez 7321 for $200 and EHX Metal muff with top boost for $70 and a coffin case for $60
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Black Friday

I'd say anyday that celebrates anything digital, and or CRUSHING OVERDRIVE.
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Get a Sam Ash 20% off anything over $299 coupon and take it to Guitar Center, they will honor it.
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Guitar Center always has some kind of sale going on. It's ridiculous, really
Get a Carvin. Do it.
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Guitar Center always has some kind of sale going on. It's ridiculous, really

+ 1

Every time I go into the place they are having a sale. Just walk in there during any minor holiday of the year and stuff should be marked down. Then, start bartering.
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ferretface is right, they always find an excuse to have a sale.

I would assume the christmas/ new years sales are good though
The best deals are when they're trying to get rid of old stock usually around the beginning of the year. Sometimes it's during an advertised sale, but a lot of times it's just a random guitar with a stupid low price hanging out in a back corner somewhere.
The consistently best sale at GC is the same as pretty much every other store in the country, the day after thanksgiving. There may be sales on individual items that are better, but ultimately, your best chance of walking out with an absolute steal will always be at about 6am on the day after thanksgiving.
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