Hullo all Got a song for you to listen to, love some feedback on it. The song is in my profile and it is called "Take Care of Yourself." It should be the top song on the list. This version is a bit rough since it is just guitar and vocals with a little bit of effects added in the mixing stage. Kinda a softer rock feel for the most part, probably going to add a bit with layering to make a bit punchier. Crit for crit of course, so if you give a review make sure to let me know if you have a song you want me to listen to.

Some background on the song for anyone who cares. Wrote the main guitar part a long time ago, it may have been the first thing I wrote as a song. That would place it, I dunno, 6 or 8 years ago I guess. The main lyrics came quite some time later, maybe 3 or 4 years ago. Some slight changes/additions to the lyrics since then, but the guitar has remained mostly unchanged.

Recording-wise, I used all 3 of my main electric guitars on this one. The whole main part is my semi-hollow. The main backing is my strat, and then the bit heavier part at 1.5x speed is a single cut PRS SE. The amp is a Blackheart Little Giant, and was used on all three guitar tracks. Mic was a MXL 990, used on the guitars and vocals. Amp was miced a couple feet away. If you want any more info, feel free to ask

So, let me know what you guys think and I'll be sure to listen to your stuff as well.
Hey there!
I appreciate your comments on my song.

I listened to your song a couple times. I think that it accomplishes setting the mood quite well.
The intro (and perhaps some other parts) beg for some nice, smooth lead guitar IMO. I also think percussion would be a nice addition to certain sections of the song (think big heavy bass drum), maybe towards the end to add some extra variation.

Other than that, my main critique would have to be the vocals. First off, they are mixed quite low and at times it is hard to hear them. Also, the vox could be tuned up a bit, and I also think singing with more energy would be beneficial. Sing out!

So once again, thanks for listening to my song, and please keep sharing yours! Rock on, as they say!
hey, thanks alot for the crit

i rly like the feel of this song, the guitars create a really nice dark mood, could maybe do with some simple lead guitar lines in places, just a couple of notes with some nice smooth overdrive.
The vocals definitely need to be brighter and higher in the mix. maybe get some compression (or more if you already have some on) to even and smooth it out a bit. and i agree with what boxcarguy says.
i think some drums couldn't hurt either. maybe if they come in at about :53, it could help to build the song a bit.
but yeah overall i definitely like it
thanks alot man.
nice man. i like the mood this has. very dark. the singing doesent have much energy, but i think its what youre going for and it fits the mood well. good job man. this reminded me of john lennon for some reason. are you from england? good stuff. i liked the lyrics and the messege of the song. i cant say what it was but i realy liked this. good stuff man. not much else to say.

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thanks guys, input is very helpful i do agree when you say that the vocals need to be brought up and need to be more forceful, still working on my singing a bit and the mix was a bit rough. As for drums, well, the tempo change in the one section throws things off so my usuall use of FL gets a bit tough. drums will be in a more final mix, still just kinda working on a good way to do them. same way with some lead, havent come up with something i really like yet.

and chase, no i am not from england. in fact, i didnt even do my horrible fake accent on this song like i do some. ah well. anyway, the song is kind of about losing a friend because you are too shy/afraid to speak up or reach out. not exactly as simple as that, but thats sorta the main idea behind it anyway.