Hello all. It's been about two weeks in the making, and we have finally recorded a (hopefully) bearable song. Please note that there is a lot more metal than prog in this song (it's our first song, of course), but we're hoping to take it in a more progressive direction. Any positive or constructive criticism helps tremendously.

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Harmonies aren't tight enough, tell your keyboard player to just hold the beginning note, I dont want to hear your phaser-y effect twice. Having that sort of bassy hummy effect underneath is much nicer.

Your clean guitar needs a good chorus or flange on it, with alot of reverb. It's to clean for what you're trying to do.

Vocals is way to high in the mix at the beginning, and should be lowered more during the whole thing. Vocals need a ton more reverb

I know it's metal, but trust me, throw in some more mids and trebles, you have a sonic gap in your mix that doesn't sound good. It's rather minimalistic, reminds me of tool, but you need more of a lead guitar feel. It's to empty right now.

You're drums are totally boring and un-interesting. As of 3 minutes in theres only been absolute basic drumming. Get some tom fills in there! Cymbal crashes! I don't know if its the way hes playing, but he sounds like a drum machine, really stiff and inhuman. Get more dynamics in there and a little reverb. Look up poly rhythms, try a lot more really long tom and snare fills, tool style.

At the beginning your vocals are a little wavey, dont quite work.

Get more keyboard in there! A good keyboard line will add so much atmosphere in the song. If you don't want to add more mids n treble to your guitar, use the keyboard like C3-C4 range to fill that frequency gap. More stacatto hits, pads, and more obvious patches.

I'm not really trying to find the bass in the mix, but casually listening I only hear it pop in a couple little points. Raise the levels, get more of a trebly sound in there, with a tad bit of gain, will cut through the mix alot more. Do some contrast here, have him hold notes, do some harmonies, dissonant stuff. Not just pedal the same notes as the guitar, or roots.

----Continuing to listen and edit new thigns
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