I have a 30w crate amp and i has some pretty good effects built into the amp. i also have a raven 100w that has no effects. i was wondering if i could take whatever controls the effects in the crate and install it in the raven.
probably not worth it even if you could. assuming the crate is a SS practice amp (since it has built in effects), i would think the effects are digitally stamped onto a board. so you would have to isolate the parts of the board with the effects as well as the sections of the board that power them. then take those out and tie the power into the correct section of your new amp and insert the effects into the correct place in you amp. with enough time, effort and know how im sure it could be possible. however i wouldnt think it is worth it unless youve got a reverb tank or something.
err, couldent you just have the effect amp go from your guitar, to the big amp, then that out to a cab?

or just buy some pedals...
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