Bassicly imma be buying a new guitar for my droped tunings(drop C & Lower).. here are specs i would like.. or try the best to get.

This guitar will be for heavy metal. hard rock ect ect.. as in lamb of god,slipknot,killswitch engage, rammstein ect.. NO METALLICA Would also like to be versitile for some good cleans

Price Range: On online stores the price must be no higher then $700.. but might make an acception depending on what guitar it is.

Body wood: Don't care
Body Colour: Nothing Bright
Fretboard:Preferably some type of rosewood
Pickups: Would prefer a good set of emgs or possibly duncans
Bridge: Fixed
Tuners:Grover preferably.. but if not..w/e
knobs: Single volume/tone & 3 way toggle... i really don't like dual volume knobs. If there is no tone knob i really don't care as i don't use it
Inlays: I would prefer a single inlay at the 12th fret and the rest have none.. but i will take anything even if it's dots

I was looking at a schecter devil custom just the only disadvantage is the dual volume

NOTE: I will be purchasing a new amp soon. Don't need to be flamed.. please and thanks,

Dean Hardtail Select's are very good guitars for the money. They go for $650 I think, and with the extra cash you can put whatever pickups you want in there.
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Haven't played that model specifically but Schecter makes some incredible instruments for the <$1000 price point. I've got a C1+ guitar in black cherry and a Studio 5 bass and couldn't be more happy with either.
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I was going to recommend you a Jackson DK2-variant, but it seems the price hike has put them out of your budget. In that case, I would strongly recommend looking into the LTD-Deluxe series MH-1000's or H-1001's if you are ok with the gaudy binding. Otherwise you'd do best with a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser.
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former C-1 classic owner here. schecter is not my first choice if I had to do it all over. hellraiser hardtail has a thinner neck and emg's. not sure if they still make it but the stores have them.

hellraisers for sale
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Schecter Blackjack ATX > Hellraisers

Dude I don't mean to be a grammarnazi but you should clean up your spelling.

Anyways, the ATX is an amazing guitar.
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