Hey guys. So I've been playing bass about 3 years. I'm self taught, and I started using a pick(I switched from guitar). I played pick only for about 2 and a half years, until about 6 months when I realized how much my play style was lacking by not being able to play with my fingers. So I started practicing about 8 hours a day. The thing is, I really dislike playing straight eighth notes because I feel that when you play by yourself its just too boring. Well I've been looking into forming a band, but I've got a problem. When I play straight eighths, my fingers seem to get stuck on the strings, which really messes up my timing. I know I'm a better bass player than this, so instead of giving up and switching back to just using my pick(I usually only use it for my beloved GnR), is there any advice some of you guys can give me?

relax your fingers or try playing the strings on a part of the string?
well im 14 and i started playin since january and i useda pick mostly too but now i use fingers. when playin 8th notes just use 1 finger or alternate between ur index and middle fingers
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relax your fingers or try playing the strings on a part of the string?

I keep my fingers relaxed and I've switched the positions on the string that I'm hitting since I started trying to get better with my fingers. I can keep perfect rhythmuntil I get to about I'd say 155 bpm or so.

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That's just a speed issue. All you have to do is practise scales and chromatics to a metronome from a speed you're able to do, until you get it clean and fast at the tempo you want to be able to play. Remember to go slowly on raising the bpm. It also might help to move your hand closer to the bridge (if you're playing closer to the neck).
make sure you have your thumb anchored somewhere. what kind of bass are you playin? just practice with a drum machine pr drummer if you know one.
slow practice for fast results!
put your thumb on the pick up or something
ya you definatly need your hand to be anchored

also i would say when you get to really fast speeds its easier if you focus on keeping your fingers slightly less then straight ( bent just a tad) and use the very tips of your fingers
and relax your hand and wrist the muscles run up to your forearm almost at the elbow that part of your arm should be working

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