I really want to go for the the H-S-S setup on my guitar, and I was looking around for a good bang-for-the-buck humbucker. A friend showed me one by a company called Lace, and it seemed a little too good to be true. I have a friend visiting from the US in a few weeks, and I wanted to know if it was a good idea to get it or not.

Here's the link: http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Lace-?sku=305420

Also, my volume potentiometer is apparently dying...when I touch it the sound will cut out, and often static will accompany it. I read that means it's f**ked. Either way, I wanted to know if I should get a 250k or 500k pot...I'm not entirely sure what it implies, or what the difference between the two are. If it helps, I play my bands songs (Classic rock mixed up with some prog stuff), and I like to cover Muse and Rage against the machine. Is this a good pot? http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/ProLine-500K-Volume-Potentiometer?sku=363066
It even says it's entry level sounding
You'll probably regret it
Just shell out the extra 50 bucks for a good humbucker
Well the shape should be the same, but the screw holes may be in a different place though. You can easily drill new screw holes though in your guitar and the pickguard will cover the old ones.

You wont be able to use a standard humbucker with that pickguard though, as in the picture it has a rather unusual screw hole pattern for the bridge p'up (rather reminiscent of a vigier) with two screws on one side and one on the other.
Yeah, I'm aware I might have to drill, and thats not a big deal...and yeah I know I'd need a new pickguard, I just want to know if it's a good idea or not, or what my other options are.