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I'm going to buy a new electric guitar, as you may have guessed from the title.
I've been playing for a decade or so, since I was ten years old.

Several guitars have bitten the dust at my hands, the latest addition to the trash heap being a Jackson whose f-spaced bridge pickup I swapped out for a rather underwhelming DiMarzio PAF.

I'm now looking for something that can coo like a morning dove but also growl, hiss and spit like a jungle cat.

Something with impeccable style, stage presence, and sound.
Something green... preferably.

I recently acquired a vintage '67 Fender Deluxe Reverb Amp ( ), which is in need of repair, but will soon be up-and-running. I need an instrument capable of filling all those vacuum tubes with musical splendor.

My playing techniques involve a lot of unorthodox methodology like lap sliding, tapping the fretboard with my right hand, quickly bouncing all of my right-hand fingers off the strings around the bridge to get a pseudo-harmonic texture out of chords, use lots of harmonics (just plucked off the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th 12th frets etc., not big into pinching)

My budget is around $500, a little flexible if I can find something amazingly perfect.
I would prefer a semi-chunky bridge humbucker but also some very warm and clean tones on the neck, and no floyd rose bridges, they give me headaches. I would like 24 frets on the neck as I find it makes it easier to relocate chords and arpeggios when I'm playing up high. I'm open to any suggestions. Solid, semi-hollow, 7-string, anything unusual and sexy.

I feel like I'm cheating by asking a community of guitar experts for their opinions, I believe that a truly good player should seek out his instrument like an aboriginal shaman seeks out the termite-hollowed eucalyptus branch for his dijaridu. Kind of a sacred spiritual voyage.

I'm really thinking though, I've made some pretty crap guitars sound pretty awesome, and I'll probably do the whole shamanic voyage thing when I have five grand to spend on a guitar. Meanwhile with a tenth of that budget... Please do provide some ideas ^_^

Here are some guitars that have piqued my interest lately to get an idea of my style.

might wanna look into a schecter hollywood classic if u coudl get ur hands on one. i ve never actully played it but i love and trust any scheter to be a solid guitar. and this one's got some duncans r sumthing like that i bet it would sound sweet... plus i love the look... that my b just personal preference tho. u would proly pay closer to 700 bucks for it soo idk its just a thought... definatly one im going to look at when i go to buy aother guitar.... oh and stay away from epiphone at all costs...if u didnt already no that.lol
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Only problem is it's a bit out of my price range at the moment...
Any other suggestions?
I'd get the Ibanez RG350DX/EX.
I have the DX, and it's fantastic for Rock, Metal

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Hmmm, that Ibanez is interesting mostly for its pickup configuration. I dig the dual humbuckers with a single coil in the middle idea... But the looks are just not there for me ! :P
Keep em coming I've gotten some good ideas from this!
The Schecter Hollywood Classic is a great guitar, and so is the C-1 Blackjack. They're prices are higher than your budget, so I suggest you save up and get one of them. They're very versatile and have great features. The Blackjack is also available in a 7-string version. Save up and buy a Schecter. If you can't save up, check out the Ibanez RG321 guitar. It feels good, looks good, and sounds good. The pickups are a bit weak for metal in my opinion but they get the job done. Since you're considering a 7-string, check out the RG7321.
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You are in UK and you talk in dollars? Either way look at www.tcellisguitars.co.uk and especially at his Mantis 1 model. I don't know the price but his LP's are under £300 so won't be terrible. The way he builds should stand up to even your style of playing.
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Thanks for the suggestions, I do rather like the pearl fretboard inlay & 24 frets on the schecter... Ibanez RG321 is a bit plain
Lurcher- I'm in the UK studying but I'm from Bermuda where we use dollarz, ja ja. And my style of playing isn't rough! And your link is teh dead.
sg mite be a good choice. Prs also good tho. Either would b a good choice imo
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