My bass is making a wierd sound when I lay it on the ground its kinda humming and I think its just vibrations make the strings move but im just wondereing because I was curious if its breaking or something and also the saddles on the bridge of my new Ibanez bass keeping bumping down do you know a way i can stop this?
Don't lay it on the ground? And I also have a habit of turning my volume down before I move my guitar too much to avoid interference or anything.
when its "humming" just put your hand on the strings to stop the vibration. if this doesnt stop the sound then its probably ungrounded or something.

your saddles keep bumping down because the vibration in the strings vibrate the screws on the saddle and make them turn little by little. put them up to the height you want them then put a little bit of clear nail polish over the top of them to keep them in place (you'll have to do this ever couple months or so). i have the same problem on my mexican fender p-bass and its pretty common for basses with vintage fender style bridges.

of course you can always just shell out the dough for a new bridge though.