I was just thinking, what if you had the same gauge string for every string on your guitar? How would that work out, how would it sound, etc.
Tune every string to the same frequency or to E standard or to some other weird tuning? It could be done if you tune them all to the same frequency but to E standard I would be weary.
Well if you tuned to standard your going to have a very floppy low E assuming that your using one of the thinner gauges as your standard string width.
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and it wouldnt work.
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Some strings would be too tight, others would be very floppy, so it would sound terrible. Don't do it.
you'd have to carve out a new nut. it you choose a thicker string, there would be too much tension and it wouldn't work. if you picked a lighter string, there would be too little tension and it wouldn't work. so, in conclusion, it just wouldn't work. don't try.
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"The last variable that we, that we spoke about briefly when we were talking about intonation had to do with the thickness of the strings themselves. Now how does that affect the pitch? Remember I said that the higher that the strings are above the frets, the more stretching occurs when you play that note. Well, this string here which has a gauge of ten is thinner than this string here which has a gauge of approximately forty-two. The thickness of this string itself means that when I press this one down, even though the heights are exactly the same, apparently at this fret, this one won't go down quite as far because the thickness of the string has to be taken in consideration with pitch. The way that we adjust for that kind of adjustments and because the strings change sizes across the board, we end up having to adjust the vertical or the position of the saddle on this, on the guitar to compensate for the thickness of the strings. Every time you change strings to a different gauge, you have to re-setup the saddles to compensate for that new gauge."
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