I've been trying to decide if i should get this pedal for awhile now. So far I've read and heard mostly good things about it, but im just not sure if its worth the extra cash then say the Dunlop original crybaby wah pedal. Any thoughts?
I haven't opened a JH-1B up yet but if it's anything like the other Hendrix wah's (the JH-1 and the JH-1S) there is only a capacitor that separates it from a normal Crybaby so unless you just like the looks of it, I would just get a normal Crybaby and change the cap.

Because I haven't seen the insides, I could be completely wrong though. It could be different.
I agree with the Vox v847.

I dislike crybabys in general.


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If you want the vocal Voodoo Child wah tone, you're best off with a Clyde McCoy style wah pedal over a Crybaby.
JH-1 is a great wah(IMO). Look on ebay and you can get them pretty cheap
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