So I have two guitars (a Jackson DKMG Dinky and a B.C. Rich Warbeast One), both with a set of EMG 81/85's in them. The Jackson came stock with them, and the Warbeast I put them in last year sometime. I was just wondering what other tone possibilities I have for pickup combinations for a metal/rock sound I can get. It would be nice to have two different guitars with two different sets of pickups. Give me both ideas for passive and active.

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Try the Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz for a different sound that still does metal like a beast. Think Lamb of God.

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dimarzio X2N?

or maybe a super distortion? (dimarzio)
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i have a syemour duncan jb/'59 combo in my esp and it sounds awesome ... does metal like nothin, and has awesome tones for other styles as well .... i am actually in the same boat as you cuz i have two guitars with this pickup comination and am gona put something different in one of them to change it up, but these pickups scream through my 6505+
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Guitarheads active pickups... insane distortion, but not much else.
Blackouts, of course. metal LIKE A BEAST.
A pickup combo I like is an SD Invader with a JB in the neck. Lots of output.
Dim. X2N with a Breed in the neck.... pretty freakin awesome.

I've been wanting to try a set of Tesla Active humbuckers... which I didn't know existed until about 6 months ago.
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