yo I am starting a project with friends. and i only have a 40 watt kustom bass amp. rather small. but when it plays with drums it gets drowned out. I need to upgrade, but obviousley don't need anything excessive. just needs to be loud enough to be heard very well over drums during practice. maybe play a small show in the back yard. any suggestions on size of amp or type of amp I should consider. and what would be good price ranges to consider? thanks i've been told acoustic 200 and the 100 watt by ampeg. I'm not looking to spend too much money, but like i I said, this is for practice / small shows and need to be heard well over non mic'ed drums. thanks
Well how much are you really willing to spend? And what kind of amps are the guitarists you play with using, and how many watts are their amps? A general rule is to generally have about twice the wattage as your guitarist(s) amp(s), and another thing is what kind of music you're playing. I'm not huge into amps so I don't know much at all, but I own an Ashdown amp/head and it's treated me very well so far, but I mostly bought it because I was on a reallllly limited budget and it seemed like the right choice for me. But yeah, post what kinds of amps your guitarist(s) use(s) and their wattage and I'm sure an experienced member on these forums will be able to help you.
The magic number is 300 watts, so I would shoot for close to that. It's definitely going to be loud enough for practice and gigs, plenty of head room as well.
not too much. do you really think 300 is necessary for practicing? that sounds a little too much. I mean my little 40 watt is just barely getting drowned out. nothing to heavy. just like low distortion jamming.
A 150w would do you just fine.
I used a Peavey Keyboard 150w through internal 15in.
And it's good for shows with Marshall Halfstack, Heavy Drummer, Vocalist and Keyboard/Synth.

We play metalcore. I usually turn to about 1'oclock.
I've got a Peavey Combo 115, with a 2x10 cab. Thats 300w and enough for my applications.

300w would be good if you ever have bigger gigs, plus more headroom
The acoustic 200 is good, but you will only be using like 150w without external cab.
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