Just wondering if anyone wants to check out my songs. They aren't the best quality and they aren't 100% final but it's just some ideas. I am like 100% megadeth influenced, not sure if you can tell or not.


I have more than those 2, but they are the newest. Check out my other ones if you want. C4C?
Damn, even your tone sounds a lot like MD. The guitar on the first is very strong, just, god damn are those drums annoying, I realize you're aren't a drummer and the drum track isn't most important, but it still gave me a headache.
The second track, Fight, again, solid guitar, wish there were vocals of some type. But the change of pace on the drums was nice.

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Yo thanks alot. Yea the drums aren't too great I know. I would use Superior Drummer or Drumkit from Hell but I don't understand how to create your own beats in them, just the preset ones.
Listened to Steal Stuff.

I really like the guitar, there's some great riffs in there. Needs a little tightening up but still pretty good. Definitely very Megadethy. Drums are kinda boring, but I'll let it slide since you don't know how to make beats. Solo is ok, there's quite a few sour notes in it though, work on memorizing scale shapes everywhere on the fretboard. This could also use vocals. But overall quite good, I dig it. Nice job.

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Also, I think you might like my Song With No Name in my profile, but you don't have to look at it. It's thrashy, but a little more on the Metallica side.
I dig the riffs, the drums are annoying the hell out of me though, you should make up some new rhythms that aren't snare-kick-snare-kick, and maybe turn them down a bit. I can't believe you don't like Metallica, all of their new songs have drums just like that!
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Is it cool if i make some vocals/solos on top of this? I'm a huge Deth fan, i love fight alot, i think we can make a pretty rad song together.
how are you recording this? your guitar playing needs tightening up, your quick picking sections are off. also, the drums are pretty boring, as others have said. the tone is pretty kickass, but definately needs bass underneath.
that being said, I wish I could pick as fast as you you have skill, but you need to tighten it up a bit, be more exact. it's crucial when recording fast picking guitars like that.
solo isn't very creative, IMO and sounds very out of key at times (I know alot of bands do that as well, but I never liked that)
record a couple more guitars, as well. get a nice big wall going there.

okay, second song:

I instantly like this one alot better. the rythym is more interesting, the drums are better as well. the guitar sound is even better, and alot tighter. oh god, solo kicks ass! loved the way it came in. that second little lead you threw in doesn't fit, IMO and sounds really boring. I'd suggest writing a different kind of lead or mixing it more into the background, it's not good enough to have it so prominent.
the idea of the ending lead was good, and the first couple of notes kicked ass, but again, no creativity. or not enough of it. do you write your solos or just improvise and go nuts?

anyways, enough nitpicking from me, here's two of mine to go tear up

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Yo glad you liked the solo. Yea I just randomly play when the solo comes up and whenever I play is the solo. I'm not a solo person it's just to basically show where a solo could be. Thanks alot for the tips appreciate it man.