It's time to clean out some redundancies on my boards. Shipping is on top of prices listed. Cash can be added for the right deal.

Trades I'd be interested in:
Japanese Fenders
Tim/ Timmy
BYOC Large Beaver Triangle Spec
Tremolo Pedal

EHX Stereo Memory Man/ Hazarai -Trade Pending
EHX Nano Small Stone - SOLD
Maxon SD9 w/Analogman TS808 Mod -$130
EHX Soul Preacher- $70
EHX Nano Clone - $35
Dr. Scientist RRR SN #6- Trades Only
AMT Fatal Tube -$75
EHX nano Muff- $35
MXR EVH Flanger- Trade Pending

The Small Stone, EVH Flanger, and SMMH are gone.

I'll sell the RRR for $245 plus shipping.