Alrighty, iv decided im gonna go ahead and take a loan out for some gear. As i do not have car or house payments, this isnt really a big deal. Anyways im pretty set on getting a loan of $1500 for a guitar and amp. Iv decided on spending up to $600 on the guitar. Now, my problem is which amp i should get. I was thinking about getting either a Peavey XXL head, Peavey ValveKing head, or a Marshall DSL. I could save money with the XXL but im worried id get sick of the solid state sound. The Valveking is tube but iv read mixed reviews. And the marshall dsl was used by one of my fav guitarist, Matt Heafy, but iv also read mixed reviews on it too and plus buying it would be a stretch along with the guitar and cab. Also if i went the tube route (which id perfer) im planning on buying an attenuator to help with volume and thats also more money i gotta spend (im not buying the $300+ ones). So can i get some advice on whcih amp would be the smarter buy?

Just to clear things up i am planning on buying used, i play almost anything with distortion and i yes, i will be gigging.

Any help would be awesome. Thanks
What kinds of music do you play? We need more info for both the guitar and the amp. For the guitar, do you have any preference's to body woods, neck woods, etc...And for the amp, well, what kinds of music do you play?
How old are you?

Are you a professional musician? Do you get a large part of your income from gigs?
Music wise I play alot of rock and metal mostly. But i need the amp to do cleans well too. As for the guitar im thinking about hunting down a used EC1000 or even an Epi Les Paul Custom if i wanna save more cash. I have no preference as to wood and things as long as it has humbuckers. Im not a professional musician and i do not get a large part of my income from gigs.
Then I would advise that you don't get a loan out to buy gear. I've seen people get into bad situations doing that.
To me, saying you play rock and metal means you play pretty much everything. Can you be more specific, what kinds of bands?
Well thing is, im doing 2 bands and need new gear anyways. As of now iv been using a little silvertone amp and a les paul knock off. But i need gear advice not financial advice.
i play alot of trivium and metallica for metal. rock wise i play nickleback and breaking benjamin type rock
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I'm not a big fan of the Valveking head, DSL, or XXL myself.

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Haha. UG's Chuck just said chuck. haha
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I know you say you need gear advice and not financial advice, but taking out a loan to buy things you don't need is a recipe for disaster. The first issue is that people who get a bunch of money all at once tend to buy a lot of gear that doesn't fit together well, or isn't well thought out, or is way more than they need. The second issue is that you don't have the money to pay for this stuff. I can understand paying for things gradually with a credit card, but taking a four-figure loan out so that you can have a shiny new rig just smacks of bad choices.

I've seen a lot of people do things like this, buying stuff they can't afford simply because the money was made available to them, and they end up in awful situations and lose their car or ruin their credit or go into tons of debt. They all said the same thing you said, which is essentially, "that won't happen to me, I'm being responsible."